Things to think before taking out a Patent

When I eventually found a Patent Agent who was really helpful one of the first things he said to me was do I think it has commercial value?

I showed him the invention – demonstrated it in his office.

He then put a few other things to me.

Who did I think would pay money for it?

Why would they buy it?

Did I think it would make money?

How would I make it?

How much would it cost?

How would I sell it?

The first appointment lasted about an hour as he put these things to me.

He then told me that the first meeting which lasted about an hour was free of charge but that I should go away and think these things through and then call him. I did and then called for another appointment.

At this meeting he explained the Patent process and the costs. He explained what it would cost and the next steps. He advised me about things that I could myself which would reduce his work and save me money. He gave me a time frame and suggested that I should work hard in the first year to try and get the product into the market.

The results of the first years work would help see if the process was worth continuing.