Things to think about when considering trying to take a product to market

Just some things to think about.

Can I already buy a similar product?

Has anyone else protected a similar product by Patent or Design?

Would I buy it?

Who did I think would pay money for it?

Why would they buy it?

How much would they pay for it?

How would I make it?

How much would it cost?

Will it make me money?

How would I sell it?

Taking a product to market can be expensive and it is really worth taking time to think these things through.

Whilst you are thinking about these things do not tell anyone else about it – if the product or idea is in the public domain you cannot Patent it.

If you want to show it to some one get them to sign a non-disclosure letter.

The results of the doing the above work will help you see if the process is worth continuing.

There are lots of good ideas around which are not commercially worth making – I have some of them!!