I purchased the brush cleaner and roller cleaner from you about 2 years ago. They are excellent


I would like to get my hands on your Dandy Paint Brush and Roller Cleaners as I have a friend who has one and recommends them as the best thing since sliced bread!


I purchased one of your Dandy Decorators Tools – I have used it and find it very good.


I recently purchased one of Brush/Roller Cleaners which I have used and find it very efficient and a great water saver.


Hi David I bought the Dandy brush and roller cleaner its the best thing ive used in 20years,
much appreciated


have just placed an order for three items in the Dandy Paint Brush & Roller Cleaner range.

I am located in Sydney, Australia.


It works! Rollers are clean in no time. The brushes bristles get a little bit splayed but when the brush is put back in its sleeve it regains its shape. It wont clean larger diameter rollers just the usual internal sized ones.

I now use a 10th of the water and time I used to spend to clean my gear, Great little product.


Many thanks for your quick reply, I will follow your advice and look forward to many happy hours cleaning brushes and rollers.
Hope your business goes from strength to strength.


The roller cleaner is still one of the best and most used tools in my kit.


I’ve deleted my original review giving a 4 star and now upgraded the Dandy to a 5 star.

I initially had a few issues with the Dandy but (hold hands up) this was all down to me! Being a bloke, I half-heartedly read the instructions and initially wasn’t aware of the excellent videos on the inventor’s web-site (a must see!)