Hi David I bought the Dandy brush and roller cleaner its the best thing ive used in 20years,
much appreciated


May I thank you for sending out the six sets. As I already own a set these are for gifts to my family in this country and Ireland.
Each time I use the “Dandy” I am left wondering:

Why did something so simple and yet so effective take so long to invent?
Why aren’t they on the shelves of every outlet that sells painting materials and equipment.


I recently purchased one of Brush/Roller Cleaners which I have used and find it very efficient and a great water saver.


I purchased one of your Dandy Decorators Tools – I have used it and find it very good.


I recently purchased the set – today was my first chance to use it and I found that they do are excellent products.


We have your Dandy and love it.


have just placed an order for three items in the Dandy Paint Brush & Roller Cleaner range.

I am located in Sydney, Australia.


It works! Rollers are clean in no time. The brushes bristles get a little bit splayed but when the brush is put back in its sleeve it regains its shape. It wont clean larger diameter rollers just the usual internal sized ones.

I now use a 10th of the water and time I used to spend to clean my gear, Great little product.


I purchased one of your Dandy Cleaners – I want to purchase another as I found it excellent.


Just felt I had to write and thank you for the Dandy products. I ordered a pair (brush and roller) after my old Dandy brush cleaner flew apart after maybe 15 years service (a long time anyway).

With some trepidation I did a web search, expecting the brand to have long gone the way of all flesh. I was delighted to find you, and to get my order after one working day, *and* to find that the roller device works just as well as the brush cleaner.

I don’t know if you are the original ideas man behind the products, but they are brilliant.

Mike B