I live in Perth in Western Australia and have been introduced to your products by a work mate who has just emigrated from England.

I am very impressed with your products and would like to purchase 10 sets of the Brush and Roller Cleaner.


Hi David I bought the Dandy brush and roller cleaner its the best thing ive used in 20years,
much appreciated


I recently purchased one of Brush/Roller Cleaners which I have used and find it very efficient and a great water saver.


I purchased one of your sets and think it is the best thing since sliced bread. I have just started up a business doing odd jobs which include painting and decorating. I hate cleaning brushes and your tools made life a lot easier and quicker.


We have your Dandy and love it.


Just to let you know the parcel arrived safely and I am delighted. So is my wife as our kitchen sink no longer suffers from rollers being washed out!

Thank you for amending the order and for delivering so promptly. I appreciated very much your excellent clear instructions.

All good wishes,


May I thank you for sending out the six sets. As I already own a set these are for gifts to my family in this country and Ireland.
Each time I use the “Dandy” I am left wondering:

Why did something so simple and yet so effective take so long to invent?
Why aren’t they on the shelves of every outlet that sells painting materials and equipment.


Thanks so much my husband saw the advert online and really wants this for our anniversary lol so he got the dandy for being married to me for 9 years


I recently purchased the set – today was my first chance to use it and I found that they do are excellent products.


Yes it is brilliant with any corded drill, would highly recommend this item.

Mrs G