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Multi Brush Set with 63mm (21/2″) and 38mm (11/2″) heads and handle.

  • The unique multi-brushes have top quality synthetic bristles suitable for all types of paint.
  • The heads can be quickly changed in the unique handle with adjustable length and angle.
  • The heads are interchangeable and either can be fixed to the handle supplied in the set.
  • These brushes have synthetic bristles carefully feathered to give a beautifully smooth finish to your painting projects.
  • The can be used with oil based and water based glosses, emulsions, varnishes and polyurethanes.
  • The set contains 2½ (63mm) and 1½ (38mm) heads.
  • The handles can be lengthened by an extra 4” (103mm) which lets you reach much farther but also a simple twist and the angle of the head is changed.
  • They are ideal for flat painting or cutting in.
  • The handles are designed in such a way that they can be gripped firmly for those large tasks or held lightly for delicate work and cutting in.
  • The brush heads can be cleaned with the Dandy Pro.

Multibrush Features

Multi Brush and Mini-Roller Cleaning with a Dandy Pro

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