4″ (103mm) Scraper with 5 Blades


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4″ (103mm) Scraper with 5 Blades

  • The This scraper features a quick release blade release and the large head area makes a very substantial scraper
  • The This 4” (103mm) is robustly constructed and will last for years
  • The ample handle can be gripped easily for single or double handed operation
  • It comes complete with five blades which can be stores within the handle
  • Blades are easily removed by the operation of the lever
  • The steel blades are very sharp and can be easily sharpened using sharpening stones or knife sharpener
  • Ideal for removing over-paint from windows panes or bulk removal of paint from many surfaces
  • Strip wall paper quickly or take the paint off the door
  • This tool will find a useful place in your home decorating kit

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