Environmental benefits of the Dandy

Using the Dandy Paint Brush and Roller Cleaners will help you to protect the environment at every step of cleaning your brushes and rollers.

The Dandy Pro is a drill attachment. Simply insert the Dandy Pro into the chuck and spin the brush or roller into an old cardboard box (put the box into a bin liner to stop any leakage), allow the paint, water and solvents to dry on the cardboard and then dispose of it along with the normal household rubbish.


Rollers are normally cleaned in a sink using tap water. The tap water goes through a number of processes before it gets to your tap:

  1. It may be extracted from a river or lake
  2. It may be pumped up from a deep aquifer in the ground
  3. It is pumped to a treatment works where it is prepared for human consumption
  4. It is pumped to a reservoir where it is stored until called on by a household
  5. It is delivered through water mains to your tap

Every step uses up resources such as electricity and man hours – you pay for this water!

When you use water to clean a brush or a roller this clean water gets contaminated with paint and solvents.

This dirty water travels down the sewers often leaving a scum in the drains. When it gets through the drains and arrives in the sewage works it then goes through the cleaning process but often the actual constituents of the paint are left untouched and simply make their way through the works to contaminate the place where the treatment works effluent is disposed of – maybe into the sea or a river etc or even onto land where it simply leaches into the ground.

You pay for the treatment of the sewage!

Typically the cleaning of a 9”(225mm) roller sleeve can use anything from 40 to 80 gallons of water dependent on the water pressure at the tap.

If you use a bigger roller sleeve than you use even more!

That is the equivalent of 1 to 2 times the amount of water an average person uses when they have a bath.

Washing a paint brush under a tap will use less water but remember if you run a tap for about five minutes you will use between 5 and 15 gallons per minute.

Wood, plastic, steel, bristles, filaments, wool, cotton, fuel, electricity etc

Brushes and roller sleeves are made up from a combination of the above things.

Every time a paint brush or roller is thrown away you are using up resources and wasting money.

One of the first articles I was sent after launching the Dandy was from a Scottish Newspaper – the headline was “The pigs in China are happy” – the journalist was picking up on the fact that the bristles of many paint brushes use pig bristles. Even if they are synthetic bristles they still have to be manufactured etc. A decent four inch paint brush can cost anything between £10 and £15. A decent roller can cost between £2 and £8. Every time you throw them away you are adding to the cost of your decorating!

Using the Dandy to clean a brush or roller will take just a couple of minutes and your brushes and rollers are like new.

White Spirit and other paint solvents.

Litres and litres of white spirit and solvents are thrown away every day after cleaning just one brush. With the Dandy these solvents will last for years and years – in fact I have some white spirit which I have had for probably up to twenty years. I have probably topped it up from time to time because, yes every time you clean a brush a little gets used maybe a tea spoon to a serving spoon full but that is all. I found that if you leave the solvent to stand the small amount of paint that is in the spirit settles to the bottom and the basically clean (if maybe a little discoloured) can be used over and over again. Simply slowly pour the solvent into a fresh container leaving the small amount of contaminated spirit in the bottom to be disposed of.