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David Taylor the inventor of all the Dandy Products has spent most of working life to date in various fields of engineering.

A qualified civil engineer, it was during his time in the construction industry that he first began to think seriously about the waste of time and money spent by professional decorators in keeping their paint brushes and rollers in good condition and ready for use. In addition the amount of paint laden water plus any solvents used being washed down the drain as they attempted to keep their brushes and rollers clean.

He already had an interest in sewage works since studying for his Degree in Civil engineering and early on in his career as a Civil Engineer and so was aware of the impact of paint and solvents being washed down the drain and ending up at sewage works, in our streams and rivers and eventually into the sea that provoked him into solving these problem, that all who do any decorating face, in a simple, quick and cost effective way.

His mission became:

  • to completely eradicate the need to use gallons and gallons of water to clean brushes and rollers and avoid the need for paint laden water and solvents to be washed down the drain,
  • to reduce the time decorators, both professional and DIYers, take to clean theirs brushes and rollers
  • to avoid the waste of money and resources caused by the throwing away of spoilt paint brushes and rollers

Since first launching the Dandy products he has received hundreds and hundreds of messages encouraging him to continue as users have said that they are achieving all the the above.

There are over 500,000 Dandy Paint Brush and Roller Cleaners now in regular use.

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David’s curiosity to find out how things work started at an early age when he took his first bicycle to pieces to ‘see how it works’! His engineering mind has been there all his life. He gained a BSc in Civil Engineering in 1972 and has worked in most aspects of the industry, starting in road and bridge building, housing and continuing in waterworks engineering. His thoughts were always focused on how to give a better service using the latest technology and seeking to remedy difficult situations.

It was during a period spent in construction that he saw the time, energy and waste of resources used by painters and decorators when cleaning their brushes and rollers at the end of the day. His engineering mind ‘clicked in’ and he started the initial trials to find a quick and environmentally friendly way to clean the tools of their trade. The Dandy paint brush and paint roller cleaners were born. Since then more than 750,000 have been sold. The original version has now been updated and just one Dandy drill attachment can be used for both paint brushes and rollers – the Dandy Pro.

David, who now lives in Portsmouth, is a family man with two sons and a daughter, all of whom have, at some time or another, been involved with the Dandy. This now falls to the grandchildren who earn pocket money by ‘working’ for Grandpa! His favourite way to relax is ‘experimenting’ – taking items to pieces, reworking ‘things’ to make them better or making prototypes of his latest ideas. Some things never change!

Probably the earliest thing I remember as far as making things is concerned is when I received my first bike as a very young boy it was a two wheeler and I was given it for my birthday. I took it on the patio at the back and within about three hours I had the bike completely apart every nut, bolt and screw was off. Each ball bearing was in its own separate little saucer. I looked at it all and didn’t know what to do now – how would I ever ride it now. I called to my dad, he came out, looked at me and grinned. He didn’t tell me off sat down with and said when you take things apart do them in an order so that when you want to put it back together again you know where the bits go. The second is around the age of ten, I was taking an electric table lamp to pieces to see how it worked and got a terrific electric shock – this taught me to handle technology with respect!

For as long as I can remember I have been taking things apart to see how they worked, often to my own detriment as I couldn’t always put them back together again but after time I learned a few tricks and soon was discovering quite quickly the way things work.

Although I have made or invented a number of things the only two have been taken to market – one a special type of valve which has influenced the way leaks in water pipes are handled and the other is the Dandy and this has proved to be a successful product. In my journey since I first started I have learnt a number of things which if I had known at the beginning would have resulted in a very different outcome.

The Dandy tools are intended for use by anyone who decorates their house. They are intended to save you time and money. Anyone who uses them should have brushes and rollers sleeves that will last for years. They will save a lot of time in cleaning up. They will reduce the amount of water that is wasted when cleaning. They will reduce the amount of spirit or other solvent that is used when cleaning up brushes and the solvent should last for years and years.